PMID: 1771219Jan 1, 1991Paper

Serotonergic modulation of the rat pup ultrasonic isolation call: studies with 5HT1 and 5HT2 subtype-selective agonists and antagonists

J T Winslow, T R Insel


A modulatory role for serotonin has been described for the development and expression of the ultrasonic call of infant rat pups during brief maternal separations. In previous studies, serotonin reuptake inhibitors selectively reduced the rate of calling following acute administration to 9-11-day-old pups and a serotonin neurotoxin (MDMA) systematically disrupted the development of ultrasonic vocalizations but not other measures of motor development. In the current studies, we extended our investigations to include drugs with purported receptor subtype selectivities. Consistent with previous reports, acute administration of 5HT1A agonists buspirone and 8-OH-DPAT [+/-)-8-hydroxy-2-(di-N-propylamino)tetralin) reduced the rate of calling at doses which did not affect motor activity or core body temperature. The rate reducing effects of buspirone persisted up to 1 but not 2 h after injection. Administration of purported 5HT1B receptor agonists, CGS12066B (7-trifluoromethyl-4(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-pyrrolo[1,2-a] quinoxaline) and TFMPP (1-[3-fluoromethyl)phenyl]-piperazine) increased the rate of calling depending on the specificity of the drug for the 5HT1B receptor. d,l-Propranolol, a 5HT1 receptor antagonist, blocked the effects o...Continue Reading

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