Oct 1, 1977

Serum esterase genetics in rabbits. IV. The prealbumin and beta-globulin systems

Biochemical Genetics
L F Van ZutphenJ Bouw


Discontinuous starch gel electrophoresis revealed a fourth allele of rabbit pre-albumin serum esterase at locus Est-2. This allele is designated Est-2f and appears to be silent. In addition to the prealbumin serum esterases, another serum esterase system was studied in rabbits. This system is localized in the beta-globulin region. Genetic analysis indicated that one locus with two codominant alleles controls the variation in this region. Linkage of this system with Est-1 and Est-2 of the prealbumin serum esterases was demonstrated. Comparison of the arrangement of these esterase loci on linkage group VI with the esterase loci on chromosome 8 of the mouse gives additional support for the theory of evolutionary conservation of chromosomal segments coding for mammalian esterases.

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