Serum metabolome analysis by 1H-NMR reveals differences between chronic lymphocytic leukaemia molecular subgroups

David A MacIntyreAntonio Pineda-Lucena


Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is a heterogeneous disease exhibiting variable clinical course and survival rates. Mutational status of the immunoglobulin heavy chain variable regions (IGHVs) of CLL cells offers useful prognostic information for high-risk patients, but time and economical costs originally prevented it from being routinely used in a clinical setting. Instead, alternative markers of IGHV status, such as zeta-associated protein (ZAP70) or messenger RNA levels are often used. We report a (1)H-NMR-based metabolomics approach to examine serum metabolic profiles of early stage, untreated CLL patients (Binet stage A) classified on the basis of IGHV mutational status or ZAP70. Metabolic profiles of CLL patients (n=29) exhibited higher concentrations of pyruvate and glutamate and decreased concentrations of isoleucine compared with controls (n=9). Differences in metabolic profiles between unmutated (UM-IGHV; n=10) and mutated IGHV (M-IGHV; n=19) patients were determined using partial least square discriminatory analysis (PLS-DA; R(2)=0.74, Q(2)=0.36). The UM-IGHV patients had elevated levels of cholesterol, lactate, uridine and fumarate, and decreased levels of pyridoxine, glycerol, 3-hydroxybutyrate and methionine c...Continue Reading


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