Using spatial genetics to quantify mosquito dispersal for control programs

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I. FilipovicG. Rasic


Background: Hundreds of millions of people get a mosquito-borne disease every year, of which nearly one million die. Mosquito-borne diseases are primarily controlled and mitigated through the control of mosquito vectors. Accurately quantified mosquito dispersal in a given landscape is critical for the design and optimization of the control programs, yet the field experiments that measure dispersal of mosquitoes recaptured at certain distances from the release point (mark-release-recapture MRR studies) are challenging for such small insects and often unrepresentative of the insect's true field behavior. Using Singapore as a study site, we show how mosquito dispersal patterns can be characterized from the spatial analyses of genetic relatedness among individuals sampled over a short time span without interruption of their natural behaviors. Methods and Findings: We captured ovipositing females of Aedes aegypti, a major arboviral disease vector, across floors of high-rise apartment blocks and genotyped them using thousands of genome-wide SNP markers. We developed a methodology that produces a dispersal kernel for distance that results from one generation of successful breeding (effective dispersal), using the distances separating ...Continue Reading

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