Single-cell molecular connectomics of intracortically-projecting neurons

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Esther KlinglerDenis Jabaudon


The neocortex is organized into distinct areas, whose interconnectivity underlies sensorimotor transformations and integration. These behaviorally critical functions are mediated by intracortically-projecting neurons (ICPN), which are a heterogeneous population of cells sending axonal branches to distinct cortical areas as well as to subcortical targets. Although population-based and single-cell intracortical wiring diagrams are being identified, the transcriptional signatures corresponding to single-cell axonal projections of ICPN to multiple sites remain unknown. To address this question, we developed a high-throughput approach, "ConnectID", to link connectome and transcriptome in single neurons. ConnectID combines MAPseq projection mapping (to identify single-neuron multiplex projections) with single-cell RNA sequencing (to identify corresponding gene expression). Using primary somatosensory cortex (S1) ICPN as proof-of-principle neurons, we identify three cardinal targets: (1) the primary motor cortex (M1), (2) the secondary somatosensory cortex (S2) and (3) subcortical targets (Sub). Using ConnectID, we identify transcriptional modules whose combined activities reflect multiplex projections to these cardinal targets. Based...Continue Reading

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Projections and Predictions
Cardinalis cardinalis
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Secondary Somatosensory Cortex
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