PMID: 6988440Mar 1, 1980Paper

Single clamp technique of Blalock and Taussig's operation

The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery
S K Khanna, P S Narayanan


Subclavian-pulmonary artery shunt is an accepted palliative procedure for severely cyanosed children and is usually performed, opposite to the side of the aortic arch, with a two clamp technique. Same anastomosis, on the side of the aortic arch, with a "Single clamp technique", has been tried on a series of 25 cases with less morbidity, no mortality and better functional results. This technique provides good approximation of the vessels with no tension, twisting or tearing at the anastomotic site and the extra length attained, to apply a single clamp, avoids kinking of the subclavian artery at its origin.

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