Soluble eggshell membrane: A natural protein to improve the properties of biomaterials used for tissue engineering applications

Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Mahesh Kumar Sah, S N Rath


Extracellular matrix (ECM) acts as an instructing template for the cells contained in tissues. It plays a vital role in regulating cellular behavior by holding and interacting with various growth factors and signaling molecules. The ECM materials are either directly derived from a natural origin, or synthesized mimicking the natural ECM. In this review, we have addressed the ECM derived from eggshell membrane (ESM). The development of porous structures from natural biopolymers, such as ESM holds a number of advantages for tissue engineering applications. By using ESM in tissue engineering application, the cells attach and function to make a required tissue. Thereafter, the scaffold provides mechanical support as well as a platform for cellular interaction, hence, forming a fully functional tissue. The present review summarizes the structure-function relationship of ESM and advancement in its processing methods; the contribution of its soluble form (soluble eggshell membrane protein, SEP) in the development of promising hybrid biomaterials; and the recent advancement of their applications. In addition, this comprehensive review highlights the use of ESM for guided tissue regeneration; promising future applications of SEP in tiss...Continue Reading


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