PMID: 6709609Jan 1, 1984

Somatotropin and prolactin levels in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Problemy e̊ndokrinologii
A A Golikova


Radioimmunoassay was used to measure the content of somatotropic hormone and prolactin in the blood of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes in relation to the duration and degree of diabetic complications in a state of decompensation and during compensation. To have a more descriptive idea of the interrelation between prolactin and somatotrophic hormone (STH), the prolactin/STH index was introduced (the ratio of prolactin indicators to those of STH). Altogether 66 patients aged from 16 to 50 years were examined. A direct relationship was disclosed between an increase in the STH content and the degree of diabetic complications. The prolactin level was found to be elevated only in content was recorded in patients with a more long-term disease. During compensation, the patients with insulin-depended diabetes manifested a reduction in the STH level and an increase in the prolactin/STH index.

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