Sep 1, 1977

Specific antibodies for desialized M and N blood group antigens

Vox Sanguinis
E Lisowska, M Kordowicz


Antisera obtained by immunizing rabbits with desialized M and N blood group glycoproteins (M' and N' glycoproteins) agglutinate desialized erythrocytes and precipitate desialized glycoproteins, but they do not react with sialic acid containing erythrocytes or glycoproteins. By absorption of anti-M' serum with N' glycoprotein, and of anti-N' serum with M' glycoprotein, reagents specifically agglutinating M' or N' erythrocytes were obtained. The absorbed anti-M' and anti-N' sera were specifically inhibited by M' or N' glycoproteins, respectively. The results show that sialic acid residues of red cell glycoproteins are not essential for the differentiation of M an N blood group determinants.

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Immune Sera
Sialic Acid Assay
Phosphoglycerate Dehydrogenase Activity
Antibody Formation
Cell Differentiation Process
Specimen Type - Erythrocytes
PHGDH wt Allele

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