PMID: 40990Dec 10, 1979

Spectral transitions of nitrosyl hemes during ligand binding to hemoglobin

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
R HilleG Palmer


Human deoxyhemoglobin has been titrated with nitric oxide at several pH values ranging from 6.0 to 9.0, in the presence and absence of the allosteric effector inositol hexaphosphate at 25 degrees C. Samples were frozen for EPR measurements or analyzed optically within 30 s after mixing to ensure a kinetic population of intermediates. Fractions of pentacoordinate alpha-NO heme groups were determined by fitting EPR and absorbance difference spectra in terms of linear combinations of standard signals. Equivalent results were obtained by these techniques. The fraction of alpha-NO heme exhibiting pentacoordinate character in Hb4NO increases from 0.07 to 0.73 in going from pH 9 to 6. The fraction of alpha hemes which are pentacoordinate in fully saturated nitrosyl hemoglobin, Hb4(NO), increases from 0.0 to 0.41 over the same pH range. Only in the presence of bound inositol-P6 are all 4 the alpha-NO hemes pentacoordinate. Thus, the expression of modified NO heme character is not simply a reflection of the formation of low affinity quaternary conformations. Rather, within this conformation the alpha chain iron atoms exhibit an equilibrium between hexa- and pentacoordinate structures which is perturbed markedly by both proton and phosph...Continue Reading

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