Spindly is required for rapid migration of human cells

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Claudia ConteEric R Griffis


Dynein is the sole processive minus-end-directed microtubule motor found in animals. It has roles in cell division, membrane trafficking, and cell migration. Together with dynactin, dynein regulates centrosomal orientation to establish and maintain cell polarity, controls focal adhesion turnover and anchors microtubules at the leading edge. In higher eukaryotes, dynein/dynactin requires additional components such as Bicaudal D to form an active motor complex and for regulating its cellular localization. Spindly is a protein that targets dynein/dynactin to kinetochores in mitosis and can activate its motility in vitro However, no role for Spindly in interphase dynein/dynactin function has been found. We show that Spindly binds to the cell cortex and microtubule tips and colocalizes with dynein/dynactin at the leading edge of migrating U2OS cells and primary fibroblasts. U2OS cells that lack Spindly migrated slower in 2D than control cells, although centrosome polarization appeared to happen properly in the absence of Spindly. Re-expression of Spindly rescues migration, but the expression of a mutant, which is defective for dynactin binding, failed to rescue this defect. Taken together, these data demonstrate that Spindly plays a...Continue Reading


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