DOI: 10.1101/458026Oct 31, 2018Paper

SPRTN Protease and Checkpoint Kinase 1 Cross-Activation Loop Safeguards DNA Replication

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Swagata HalderKristijan Ramadan


The SPRTN metalloprotease is essential for DNA-protein crosslink (DPC) repair and DNA replication in vertebrate cells. Cells deficient in SPRTN protease activity exhibit severe DPC-induced replication stress and genome instability, manifesting as premature ageing and liver cancer in humans and mice. Strikingly, SPRTN-deficient cells also show a severe G2/M checkpoint defect and fail to activate a robust checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) signalling cascade normally triggered in response to replication stress. Here, we show that SPRTN activates the CHK1 signalling cascade during physiological (steady-state) DNA replication by proteolysis-dependent eviction of CHK1 from chromatin. The N-terminal CHK1 fragments cleaved by SPRTN protease still possess kinase activity and phosphorylate SPRTN. This CHK1-dependent phosphorylation stimulates SPRTN recruitment to chromatin to further promote CHK1 eviction from chromatin, DPC removal and unperturbed DNA replication. Our data suggest that a SPRTN-CHK1 cross-activation loop is essential for steady-state DNA replication and protection from DNA replication stress, a major source of genome instability in diseases that cause premature ageing and cancer. In addition, we disclose a mechanism of CHK1 act...Continue Reading

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