PMID: 3001055Jan 5, 1986

Structural features in the 3'-terminal region of polyribosome-bound rabbit globin messenger RNAs.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
A Krowczynska, G Brawerman


A nuclease S1 mapping procedure was used to identify sites accessible to nucleases in the 3'-noncoding region of the rabbit globin mRNAs. A complex structure was evident in the alpha-globin species, with one highly accessible single-stranded site, large portions in an accessible double-stranded configuration, and a portion not accessible to any of the nucleases. In the beta-globin mRNA, the region was more uniformly accessible to RNase T1 and to a cobra venom enzyme specific for double-stranded RNA, but it had only a single site highly accessible to a bulkier Neurospora endonuclease. The patterns of cleavage were nearly identical in the deproteinized mRNAs and in the mRNAs associated with polyribosomes in reticulocyte extracts. In both species, a zone of secondary structure occurred around the poly(A) junction. In each species, virtually all the molecules had a poly(A) sequence of at least 20-25 AMP residues. A periodicity in poly(A) size distribution was observed. These results indicate that the beginning of this sequence is well protected against degradation inside the cell and that zones of partial protection occur at measured intervals. In crude extracts, where the poly(A) is covered with proteins, this sequence was protect...Continue Reading

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