May 3, 2020

Spatiotemporal single-cell RNA sequencing of developing hearts reveals interplay between cellular differentiation and morphogenesis

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M. MantriIwijn De Vlaminck


Single-cell RNA sequencing is a powerful tool to study developmental biology but does not preserve spatial information about cellular interactions and tissue morphology. Here, we combined single-cell and spatial transcriptomics with new algorithms for data integration to study the early development of the chicken heart. We collected data from four key ventricular development stages, ranging from the early chamber formation stage to the late four-chambered stage. We created an atlas of the diverse cellular lineages in developing hearts, their spatial organization, and their interactions during development. Spatial mapping of differentiation transitions revealed the intricate interplay between cellular differentiation and morphogenesis in cardiac cellular lineages. Using spatially resolved expression analysis, we identified anatomically restricted gene expression programs. Last, we discovered a stage-dependent role for the small secreted peptide, thymosin beta-4, in the coordination of multi-lineage cellular populations. Overall, our study identifies key stage-specific regulatory programs that govern cardiac development.

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