Jun 1, 1975

Study of atrio-ventricular conductivity in patients with ischemic heart disease by recording electric potentials of the bundle of His

V P Mazaev


Data concerning the recording of the depolarizing complex of the atrioventricular bundle during cardiac catheterization in patients with the ischaemic heart disease are presented. The elements of the His's bundle electrogram and the intervals characterizing the atrioventricular conductivity are analysed. In 12 patients, among the total 16 examined ones, selective coronary angiography revealed certain changes in the proximal portions of the coronary arteries. In the presence of distinct changes in the coronaries with a subtotal or total stenosis of the major coronary arteries the changes in the atrioventricular conductivity may be lacking. In 2 of the 12 patients conductivity disorders were revealed in the His-Purkinje section. The recording of the His's bundle electrogram permitted to precise the localization of the ectopic rhythms in some cases.

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