Jan 1, 1977

Study of thyroid function and glycemia in Klinefelter's syndrome

Vŭtreshni bolesti
S MilanovD Panaĭotov


Twenty six patients with Kleinfelter syndrome were examined with the following tests being made use of: 1. J131 cumulation in thyroid gland. 2. Glycemia prior to and post loading with 100 g glucose at the 0 minute, 60th minute, 120th minute and 180th minute. 3. Dosage of protein conjugated iodine in blood. 4. Perchlorate test. 5. Dosage of thyroid hormone of blood level by radioimmunologic method. The results correlate withthe normal values of iodine cumulation and protein conjugated iodine as well as with the negative perchlorate test. The thyrotropic hormone level shows a tendency towards moderate elevation, without significant statistical correlation. No carbohydrate disturbances were found in any of the patients examined. Finally, the results obtained could be said to provide evidence for a euthyroid state and absence of disorders in carbohydrate metabolism in case of Kleinfelter syndrome.

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