May 1, 1976

Suppression and stimulation mechanisms controlling glucagon secretion in a case of islet-cell tumor producing glucagon, insulin, and gastrin

A TiengoM Muggeo


The mechanisms controlling secretion of glucagon and other pancreatic hormones were studied in a patient affected with multihormone-secreting islet-cell tumor. Fasting glucagon levels (3,000 pg./ml.) rose to 10 ng./ml. following arginine stimulation. While oral glucose load and intravenous glucose infusion did not suppress glucagon secretion, insulin administration induced a prompt depression in glucagon levels. Glucagon, insulin, and gastrin levels were suppressed by somatostatin while calcium infusion caused a paradoxical increase. It is suggested that only some of the stimulation-inhibition mechanisms were conserved in this case of glucagon-secreting pancreatic tumor.

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Arginine hydrochloride
Glucagon (rDNA)
Calcium [EPC]
Glucose, (beta-D)-Isomer
Glucagon Secretion
Process of Secretion
Visual Suppression

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