PMID: 37464Apr 15, 1979

Surgery of tumors of the endocrine pancreas. Result of a survey made in the Federal Republic of Germany

Minerva chirurgica
F Kümmerle, K Rückert


Within a ten-year scan (1967-1976) 207 insulinomas, 50 gastrinomas, 8 Verner-Morrison tumours, 5 glucagonomas and 12 endocrine pancreatic tumours with associated MEA syndrome (multiple endocrine adenomatosis) were treated surgically at various university hospitals (information obtained by questionnaire). Half of the insulinomas were treated by enucleation, one third by resection of the tail of the pancreas. Total gastrectomy was the procedure of choice in 80% of patients with gastrinoma, but sometimes pancreatic resection to remove the tumour was added. An new therapeutic concept of using histamine-H2 receptor antagonists for treating patients with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is discussed. In the eight patients with a Verner-Morrison syndrome removal of the tumour or distal pancreatic resection was the procedure of choice.

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