Survival response of Bacteriovorax in surface biofilm versus suspension when stressed by extremes in environmental conditions

Microbial Ecology
H N WilliamsJacqueline I Kelley


The Bacteriovorax, previously in the genus Bdellovibrio, are prokaryotes that prey upon many Gram-negative bacteria. They are ubiquitous in salt-water environments and have been reported to have a strong association with biofilms. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that this association affords protection for the Bacteriovorax and enhances their survival in nature when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Experiments were designed to compare their survival in biofilms versus in suspension when exposed to extremes in salinity and temperature. Natural mixed-population biofilms generated in moderate-salinity (16 per thousand) Patuxent River water and containing Bacteriovorax were exposed to drastic changes in salinity by placing in low-salinity (1 per thousand) river water and salt-free (no measurable salinity) distilled water for up to 14 days. In a separate trial, the biofilm was exposed to extremes in temperature, 5 degrees C and 35 degrees C, for up to 12 weeks in aquarium mesocosms. Simultaneously, suspensions of the Bacteriovorax were exposed to the same extremes in salinity and temperature as biofilms. The results revealed that the Bacteriovorax typically were able to survive for a week or longer w...Continue Reading


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