Synthesis, Antiprotozoal Activity, and Cheminformatic Analysis of 2-Phenyl-2H-Indazole Derivatives.

Molecules : a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Karen Rodríguez-VillarJaime Pérez-Villanueva


Indazole is an important scaffold in medicinal chemistry. At present, the progress on synthetic methodologies has allowed the preparation of several new indazole derivatives with interesting pharmacological properties. Particularly, the antiprotozoal activity of indazole derivatives have been recently reported. Herein, a series of 22 indazole derivatives was synthesized and studied as antiprotozoals. The 2-phenyl-2H-indazole scaffold was accessed by a one-pot procedure, which includes a combination of ultrasound synthesis under neat conditions as well as Cadogan's cyclization. Moreover, some compounds were derivatized to have an appropriate set to provide structure-activity relationships (SAR) information. Whereas the antiprotozoal activity of six of these compounds against E. histolytica, G. intestinalis, and T. vaginalis had been previously reported, the activity of the additional 16 compounds was evaluated against these same protozoa. The biological assays revealed structural features that favor the antiprotozoal activity against the three protozoans tested, e.g., electron withdrawing groups at the 2-phenyl ring. It is important to mention that the indazole derivatives possess strong antiprotozoal activity and are also chara...Continue Reading


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