Synthesis of alpha, delta-beta and gamma chains by reticulocytes from two brothers homozygous for haemoglobin Lepore

Acta Haematologica
B Luppis, V Ventruto


Globin chain synthesis has been investigated for the first time in 2 patients homozygous for haemoglobin Lepore, although the 2 brothers have the same haemoglobin genotype the severity of the diseases is very different. The purpose of this study was to try and find out the reason for the different severity in the clinical manifestations. In the 2 patients a different excess of alpha-chain synthesis was observed, the higher excess being present in the subject carrying the more severe anaemia. This result strongly suggests that in homozygous haemoglobin Lepore disease, as in beta-thalassaemia, the degree of globin chain imbalance is responsible for the clinical manifestations.


Nov 1, 1993·American Journal of Hematology·D P SewardT R Kinney

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