IDseq - An Open Source Cloud-based Pipeline and Analysis Service for Metagenomic Pathogen Detection and Monitoring

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Katrina KalantarJ. L. DeRisi


Background: Metagenomic next generation sequencing (mNGS) has enabled the rapid, unbiased detection and identification of microbes without pathogen-specific reagents, culturing, or a priori knowledge of the microbial landscape. mNGS data analysis requires a series of computationally intensive processing steps to accurately determine the microbial composition of a sample. Existing mNGS data analysis tools typically require bioinformatics expertise and access to local server-class hardware resources. For many research laboratories, this presents an obstacle, especially in resource limited environments. Findings: We present IDseq, an open source cloud-based metagenomics pipeline and service for global pathogen detection and monitoring ( The IDseq Portal accepts raw mNGS data, performs host and quality filtration steps, then executes an assembly-based alignment pipeline which results in the assignment of reads and contigs to taxonomic categories. The taxonomic relative abundances are reported and visualized in an easy-to-use web application to facilitate data interpretation and hypothesis generation. Furthermore, IDseq supports environmental background model generation and automatic internal spike-in control reco...Continue Reading

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