Temperature-dependent regulation of sperm motility of Ijima's copper pheasants (Syrmaticus soemmerringii ijimae), one of 'near threatened' species

Animal Reproduction Science
Koji AshizawaY Tsuzuki


In order to conserve the copper pheasants, one of the Japanese 'near threatened' species, the knowledge of the sperm characteristics is the inevitable issue. Therefore, temperature-dependent regulation of copper pheasant sperm motility was investigated in comparison with that of domestic fowl spermatozoa. Motility of intact spermatozoa from both species was markedly affected by temperature. During incubation at 30 degrees C, copper pheasant spermatozoa showed around 60-70% motility, but became almost immotile when the temperature was raised to 40 degrees C. Then, when the temperature of the sperm suspension was subsequently cooled to 30 degrees C, the spermatozoa regained their motility. The motility of domestic fowl spermatozoa showed a similar pattern. Temperature also affected the motility of both demembranated copper pheasant and domestic fowl spermatozoa in the same way. The motility of intact copper pheasant and domestic fowl spermatozoa at 30 degrees C was unaffected following the addition of 2 mM CaCl(2), 100 nM calyculin A, an inhibitor of protein phosphatase-type 1 (PP1), or 4 mM diB-cAMP, respectively, compared with those with no effectors. However, the presence of 10 microM ML-7, a selective inhibitor of myosin ligh...Continue Reading


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Nov 4, 2015·Annual Review of Animal Biosciences·William V Holt, Alireza Fazeli

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