Nov 1, 2018

Temperature sensitivity in multiple sclerosis: An overview of its impact on sensory and cognitive symptoms

Temperature : Multidisciplinary Biomedical Journal
Aikaterini ChristogianniDavide Filingeri


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune neurodegenerative disease characterized by demyelination of the central nervous system (CNS). The exact cause of MS is still unknown; yet its incidence and prevalence rates are growing worldwide, making MS a significant public health challenge. The heterogeneous distribution of demyelination within and between MS patients translates in a complex and varied array of autonomic, motor, sensory and cognitive symptoms. Yet a unique aspect of MS is the highly prevalent (60-80%) temperature sensitivity of its sufferers, where neurological symptoms are temporarily exacerbated by environmental- or exercise-induced increases (or decreases) in body temperature. MS temperature sensitivity is primarily driven by temperature-dependent slowing or blocking of neural conduction within the CNS due to changes in internal (core) temperature; yet changes in skin temperature could also contribute to symptom exacerbation (e.g. during sunlight and warm ambient exposure). The impact of temperature sensitivity, and particularly of increases in core temperature, on autonomic (e.g. thermoregulatory/cardiovascular function) and motor symptoms (e.g. fatigue) is well described. However, less attention has been given t...Continue Reading

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