TH2BS12P histone mark is enriched in the unsynapsed axes of the XY body and predominantly associates with H3K4me3-containing genomic regions in mammalian spermatocytes

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Aditya MahadevanSatyanarayana M R Rao


Various studies have focussed on understanding the repertoire and biological function of the post-translational modifications that occur on testis-specific histone variants like TH2B, Transition Proteins etc. In our attempt to decipher the unique functions of histone variant TH2B, we discovered a new modification Serine 12 phosphorylation on TH2B (TH2BS12P) in spermatocytes. Our present study is aimed at understanding the function of the TH2BS12P modification in the context of processes that occur during meiotic prophase I. Immunofluorescence studies revealed that TH2BS12P histone mark is enriched in the unsynapsed axes of the sex body and is associated with XY body axes associated proteins like Scp3, γH2AX, pATM, ATR etc. We also observe that TH2BS12P is associated with DSB initiator Spo11 and with several recombination related proteins like pATM, ATR, Rad51, γH2AX etc in vivo. This modification was also found to associate with transcription and recombination related histone marks like H3K4me3 and H3K36me3 in the context of mononucleosomes. Genome-wide occupancy studies as determined by ChIP sequencing experiments revealed that TH2BS12P is localised to subset of recombination hotspots, but majorly associated with H3K4me3 conta...Continue Reading

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