The antibiotic crisis: How bacterial predators can help

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal
Juana PérezJosé Muñoz-Dorado


Discovery of antimicrobials in the past century represented one of the most important advances in public health. Unfortunately, the massive use of these compounds in medicine and other human activities has promoted the selection of pathogens that are resistant to one or several antibiotics. The current antibiotic crisis is creating an urgent need for research into new biological weapons with the ability to kill these superbugs. Although a proper solution requires this problem to be addressed in a variety of ways, the use of bacterial predators is emerging as an excellent strategy, especially when used as whole cell therapeutic agents, as a source of new antimicrobial agents by awakening silent metabolic pathways in axenic cultures, or as biocontrol agents. Moreover, studies on their prey are uncovering mechanisms of resistance that can be shared by pathogens, representing new targets for novel antimicrobial agents. In this review we discuss potential of the studies on predator-prey interaction to provide alternative solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance.


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