PMID: 6989725Apr 10, 1980Paper

The artificial heart, an alternative to heart transplantation?

Fortschritte der Medizin
B Reichart


This is a report of present time possibilities on temporary and even permanent artificial cardiac devices. Patients in low-cardiac-output syndrome after acute extensive myocardial infarction or difficult open heart surgery are candidates for temporary right and left heart bypass, which is performed in a simple way using roller-pumps from normal heart-lung machines. Oxygenation is managed by means of the patient's own lungs. Since permanent shearing motions of roller-pumps damage blood cells, membrane pumps were developed for longterm perfusion. Membrane pumps are also used in artificial hearts which are designed for permanent substitute in patients suffering from terminal coronary insufficiency. Big problems still exist as there are: tremendous sizes of extra-corporeal pneumatic pump devices and durability of plastic material used.

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