PMID: 7896820Mar 24, 1995

The calcium binding properties and molecular organization of epidermal growth factor-like domains in human fibrillin-1

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Penny A HandfordC M Kielty


Human fibrillin-1 is a 350-kDa glycoprotein found in 10-nm connective tissue microfibrils. Mutations in the gene encoding this protein cause the Marfan syndrome, a disease characterized by cardiovascular, ocular, and skeletal abnormalities. Fibrillin-1 has a modular structure that includes 47 epidermal growth factor-like (EGF-like) domains, 43 of which contain a consensus sequence associated with calcium binding. A mutation causing an Asn-2144 --> Ser amino acid change in one of the potential calcium binding residues has been described in a patient with the Marfan syndrome. We have chemically synthesized a wild-type EGF-like domain (residues 2126-2165 of human fibrillin-1) and a mutant EGF-like domain containing the Asn-2144 --> Ser amino acid change and measured calcium binding to each using 1H-NMR spectroscopy. The wild-type domain binds calcium with a similar affinity to isolated EGF-like domains from coagulation factors IX and X; however, the mutant domain exhibits > 5-fold reduction in affinity. Rotary shadowing of fibrillin-containing microfibrils, isolated from dermal fibroblast cultures obtained from the Marfan patient, shows that the mutation does not prevent assembly of fibrillin into microfibrils but does alter the a...Continue Reading


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