The chemistry of lysozyme and its use as a food preservative and a pharmaceutical

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
V A Proctor, F E Cunningham


The chemistry and use of lysozyme as a food preservative and a pharmaceutical are reviewed. Lysozyme inhibits the growth of deleterious organisms, thus prolonging shelf life. Chemicals used to improve the preservative effect of lysozyme and those that inhibit the enzyme are discussed, along with the stability of lysozyme in various chemical environments. Lysozyme has been used to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, tofu bean curd, seafoods, meats and sausages, potato salad, cooked burdock with soy sauce, and varieties of semihard cheeses such as Edam, Gouda, and some Italian cheeses. Lysozyme added to infant-feeding formulas makes them more closely resemble human milk. Lysozyme has been used clinically in the treatment of periodontitis, administered in chewing gum, and implemented to prevent tooth decay. It has also been administered to patients suffering from cancer for its analgesic effect and has been used as a potentiating agent in antibiotic therapy.


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