The coordinated localization of mRNA to centrosomes facilitates error-free mitosis

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P. V. RyderDorothy A. Lerit


Centrosomes are microtubule-organizing centers required for error-free mitosis and embryonic development. The microtubule-nucleating activity of centrosomes is conferred by the pericentriolar material (PCM), a composite of numerous proteins subject to cell cycle-dependent oscillations in levels and organization. In diverse cell types, mRNAs localize to centrosomes and may contribute to changes in PCM abundance. Here, we investigate the regulation of mRNA localization to centrosomes in the rapidly cycling Drosophila melanogaster embryo. We find that RNA localization to centrosomes is regulated during the cell cycle and developmentally. We identify a novel role for the fragile-X mental retardation protein (FMRP), which localizes to pericentrosomal RNA granules, in the post-transcriptional regulation of centrosomal RNA. Further, the mis-targeting of a model centrosomal mRNA, centrocortin (cen), is sufficient to alter cognate protein localization to centrosomes and impair spindle morphogenesis and genome stability.

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