The cortical projections of the mediodorsal nucleus and adjacent thalamic nuclei in the rat

The Journal of Comparative Neurology
J E Krettek, J L Price


The mediodorsal nucleus of the rat thalamus has been divided into medial, central and lateral segments on the basis of its structure and axonal connections, and these segments have been shown by experiments using the autoradiographic method of demonstrating axonal connections to project to seven distinct cortical areas covering most of the frontal pole of the hemisphere. The position and cytoarchitectonic characteristics of these areas are described. The medial segment of the nucleus projects to the prelimbic area (32) on the medial surface of the hemisphere, and to the dorsal agranular insular area, dorsal to the rhinal sulcus on the lateral surface. The lateral segment projects to the anterior cingulate area (area 24) and the medial precentral area on the dorsomedial shoulder of the hemisphere, while the central segment projects to the ventral agranular insular area in the dorsal bank of the rhinal sulcus, and to a lateral part of the orbital cortex further rostrally. (The term "orbital" is used to refer to the cortex on the ventral surface of the frontal pole of the hemisphere.) A ventral part of this orbital cortex also receives fibers from the mediodorsal nucleus, possibly its lateral segment, but the medial part of the or...Continue Reading


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