Jan 1, 1984

The electrophysiologic characteristics of the transplanted human heart

American Heart Journal
R S BextonA J Camm


The electrophysiologic characteristics of the denervated human heart were assessed in 14 cardiac transplant recipients. Conduction intervals and refractory periods were measured at pacing cycle lengths of 500 msec and 400 msec. The faster pacing rate caused lengthening of the AH interval (83 +/- 23 msec to 116 +/- 41 msec, p less than 0.01) and shortening of the QT (338 +/- 27 msec to 313 +/- 22 msec, p less than 0.001) and JT (249 +/- 21 msec to 229 +/- 19 msec, p less than 0.001) intervals. There was no change in the SA, HV, or QRS durations. Wenckebach periodicity occurred at a longer cycle length in the retrograde than in the anterograde direction (409 +/- 96 msec vs 318 +/- 46 msec, p less than 0.01) and anterograde conduction was better than retrograde conduction in 13 of the 14 patients (93%). Increasing pacing cycle length resulted in shortening of the atrial effective (203 +/- 28 msec to 190 +/- 25 msec, p less than 0.001), ventricular effective (224 +/- 18 msec to 211 +/- 17 msec, p less than 0.01), and AV nodal functional (367 +/- 38 msec to 357 +/- 36 msec, NS) refractory periods. The AV nodal effective refractory period lengthened (294 +/- 31 msec to 314 +/- 52 msec, p less than 0.05). There was a close correlation...Continue Reading

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