The expression of Bcl-2 gene in human lung cancer

Zhongguo fei ai za zhi = Chinese journal of lung cancer
Y WangZ Yang


To explore the relationship between the Bcl-2 gene transcript expression and the oncogenesis , and development of lung cancer. The expression of Bcl-2 mRNA was detected in 31 human lung cancer tissues , para-cancer tissues , non-cancer tissues and 13 benign lesion tissues by Northern blot. (1) The expression level of the Bcl-2 mRNA in the cancer tissues was significantly higher than that in the non-cancer tissues and benign lesion tissues ( P < 0. 01) , but there was no significant difference among the cancer and para-cancer tissues ,non-cancer and benign lesion tissues , para-cancer ,non-cancer and benign lesion tissues either ( P > 0. 05). (2) The Bcl-2 expression in poor-differentiated lung cancers was significantly higher than that in moderate-well differentiated lung cancers. (3) No significant difference was observed in Bcl-2 expression in different histoclassification of the cancer and P-TNM stages of the cancer. There is an overexpression of Bcl-2 mRNA in lung cancer tissues , and it may be involved in the oncogenesis and development of lung cancer.

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