DOI: 10.1101/495184Dec 13, 2018Paper

The Goldilocks Window of Personalized Chemotherapy: An Immune Perspective

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Derek S. ParkAlexander RA Anderson


The immune system is increasingly being recognized for its untapped potential in being recruited to attack tumors in cancer therapy. The main challenge, however, is that most tumors exist in a state of immune tolerance where the patient's immune system has become insensitive to the cancer cells. In order to investigate the ability to use chemotherapy to break immune tolerance, we created a mathematical modeling framework for tumor-immune dynamics. Our results suggest that optimal chemotherapy scheduling must balance two opposing objectives: maximal tumor reduction and preserving patient immune function. Successful treatment requires therapy to operate in a "Goldilocks Window" where patient immune health is not overly compromised. By keeping therapy "just right", we show that the synergistic effects of immune activation and chemotherapy can maximize tumor reduction and control.

Related Concepts

Immune Tolerance
Receptors, Immunologic
Tumor Cells, Malignant
Cancer Treatment
Tumor Immunity
Immune System Processes
Administration of Antineoplastic Agent

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