Oct 1, 1979

The history of the A family of inbred mice and the biology of its congenital malformations

H Kalter


The A family of inbred mice which originated in 1921, came during its early development to have incorporated into its genome the tendency to several congenital malformations, among them cleft lip and palate. These sporadic abnormalities are of interest because they closely resemble their human counterparts in morphology and development, and because they share with them a multifactorial basis. The origins and development of the A family are traced, and the abnormalities are described and the forces affecting them detailed.

Mentioned in this Paper

Litter Size
Congenital Neurologic Anomalies
Science of Morphology
Inbred Strain
Cleft Palate, Isolated
Conditions, Recessive Genetic
Cleft Palate With Cleft Lip
Sib Mating

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