The draft genome sequence of herbaceous diploid bamboo Raddia distichophylla

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LiLi-zhi Gao


Bamboos are important non-timber forest plants widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, America, and Pacific islands. They comprise the Bambusoideae in the grass family (Poaceae), including approximately 1,700 described species in 127 genera. In spite of the widespread uses of bamboo for food, construction and bioenergy, the gene repertoire of bamboo still remains largely unexplored. Raddia distichophylla (Schrad. ex Nees) Chase, belonging to the tribe Olyreae (Bambusoideae, Poaceae), is diploid herbaceous bamboo with only slightly lignified stems. In this study, we report a draft genome assembly of the approximately ~589 Mb whole-genome sequence of R. distichophylla with a contig N50 length of 86.36 Kb. Repeated sequences account for ~49.08% of the genome, of which LTR retrotransposons occupy ~35.99% of whole genome. A total of 30,763 protein-coding genes were annotated in the R. distichophylla genome with an average transcript size of 2,887 bp. Access to this herbaceous bamboo genome sequence will provide novel insights into biochemistry, molecular-assisted breeding programs and germplasm conservation for bamboo species world-wide.

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