Jul 23, 2013

The influence of collagen and hyaluronan matrices on the delivery and bioactivity of bone morphogenetic protein-2 and ectopic bone formation

Acta Biomaterialia
Gajadhar BhaktaSimon M Cool


Bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) is known to enhance fracture healing when delivered via a bovine collagen sponge. However, collagen rapidly releases BMP-2 with a high burst phase that is followed by a low sustained phase. As a result, supra-physiological doses of BMP-2 are often required to successfully treat bone defects. High BMP-2 dosing can introduce serious side effects that include edema, bone overgrowth, cyst-like bone formation and significant inflammation. As the release behavior of BMP-2 carriers significantly affects the efficacy of fracture healing, we sought to compare the influence of two BMP-2 delivery matrices with contrasting release profiles on BMP-2 bioactivity and ectopic bone formation. We compared a thiol-modified hyaluronan (Glycosil™) hydrogel that exhibits a low burst followed by a sustained release of BMP-2 to a collagen sponge for the delivery of three different doses of BMP-2, the bioactivities of released BMP-2 and ectopic bone formation. Analysis of bone formation by micro-computed tomography revealed that low burst followed by sustained release of BMP-2 from a hyaluronan hydrogel induced up to 456% more bone compared to a BMP-2 dose-matched collagen sponge that has a high burst and sustained ...Continue Reading

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Bovine collagen
Transforming Growth Factor beta
Drug Delivery Systems
Degenerative Polyarthritis
Hyaluronic Acid Test
Proteins, Recombinant DNA

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