Nov 5, 1989

The Leishmania kinetoplast-mitochondrion contains terminal uridylyltransferase and RNA ligase activities

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
N BakalaraL Simpson


Purified mitochondria of Leishmania tarentolae contain 3'-terminal uridylyltransferase and RNA ligase activities which can be solubilized by detergent lysis of the organelle. Run-off transcription of maxicircle and minicircle DNA also occurs in intact and Triton-lysed mitochondria, using [32P]GTP as the labeled precursor. Heparin inhibits the solubilized terminal uridylyltransferase activity but does not affect the labeling of endogenous RNAs in intact mitochondria with [32P]UTP. Clarification of the mitochondrial Triton lysate causes an increase in terminal uridylyltransferase activity with exogenous substrates. These two activities are candidates for involvement in a post-transcriptional RNA editing process of mitochondrial transcripts.

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Pathologic Cytolysis
Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Neutropenia, Skeletal Myopathy, and Abnormal Mitochondria
Genus: Leishmania
RNA, mitochondrial
RNA Ligase (ATP)
Transcription, Genetic
Leishmania tarentolae

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