PMID: 711354Jan 1, 1978Paper

The lipoprotein-lipase activity of adipose tissue from different sites in obese women and relationship to cell size

International Journal of Obesity
H Lithell, J Boberg


The lipoprotein-lipase activities (LPLA) and fat cell sizes were determined in subcutaneous, adipose tissue from four different sites in a group of 17 obese women. The LPLA per gram and per cell were significantly higher in the adipose tissue from gluteal and femoral sites than in tissue from the abdominal site. The degree of obesity of the subjects, as reflected in the fat cell size, was correlated with the LPLA per cell, so that large cells contained more LPLA per cell than small cells. On the other hand, no correlation was found between the cell size and the LPLA per gram. Intra-individually, the cell weight was related also to the LPLA per gram, so that sites with large fat cells also had high concentrations of LPLA per gram. The interpretation of the results with regard to obesity and to the variation in size of fat depots in an individual is discussed.

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