The mechanism of synchronization in isorhythmic A-V dissociation. II. Clinical studies

M N Levy, J Edflstein


The electrocardiographic patterns recorded from seven patients with isorhythmic A-V dissociation fall into two distinct groups. In pattern I, the P wave fluctuates cyclically back and forth across the QRS complex. The mechanism responsible for this type of A-V synchronization represents a typical biologic feedback control system. The P-R interval is a determinant of stroke volume, which in turn influences the arterial blood pressure. The blood pressure has an inverse effect on the discharge frequency of the S-A node through the baroreceptor reflex. The S-A nodal frequency then affects the P-R interval, to close the feedback loop. In pattern II, the P wave is in a fairly constant position relative to the QRS complex. It is usually coincident with the QRS complex or appears on the ST segment or first half of the T wave. The mechanism producing synchronization in pattern II type of isorhythmic dissociation has not been established conclusively.


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