Nov 5, 1991

The pH variation of steady-state kinetic parameters of site-specific Co(2+)-reconstituted liver alcohol dehydrogenase. A mechanistic probe for the assignment of metal-linked ionizations

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
W Maret, M W Makinen


To identify ionizations of the active site metal-bound water in horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase (alcohol:NAD+ oxidoreductase; EC, the pH, solvent isotope, temperature, and anion dependences of the steady-state kinetic parameters kcat and kcat/KM have been evaluated under initial velocity conditions for the native and the active site-specific Co(2+)-reconstituted enzyme. In the oxidation of benzyl alcohol, a bell-shaped pattern of four prototropic equilibria was observed under conditions of saturating concentrations of NAD+. It is shown that the ionizations governing kcat (pK1 congruent to 6.7, pK2 congruent to 10.6) belong to the ternary enzyme-NAD(+)-alcohol complex, whereas the ionizations governing kcat/KM (pK1' congruent to 7.5, pK2' congruent to 8.9) belong to the binary enzyme-NAD+ complex. The ionizations pK1 and pK1' are not influenced by metal substitution and are ascribed to His-51 on the basis of experimental estimates of their associated enthalpies of ionization. On the other hand, pK2 and pK2' are significantly decreased (delta pKa congruent to 1.0) in the Co(2+)-enzyme and are attributed to the active site metal-bound water molecule. The shape of the pH profiles requires that the metal ion coordinates a...Continue Reading

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