The proton transfer step catalyzed by yeast pyruvate kinase

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Delia Susan-Resiga, T Nowak


The nature of the proton donor to the C-3 of the enolate of pyruvate, the intermediate in the reaction catalyzed by yeast pyruvate kinase, was investigated by site-directed mutagenesis and physical and kinetic analyses. Thr-298 is correctly located to function as the proton donor. T298S and T298A were constructed and purified. Both mutants are catalytically active with a decrease in k(cat) and k(cat)/K(m)(,PEP). Mn(2+)-activated T298S and T298A do not exhibit homotropic kinetic cooperativity with phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) in the absence of fructose 1,6-bisphosphate, although PEP binding to enzyme-Mn(2+) is cooperative. The pH dependence of k(cat) for T298A indicates the loss of pK(a)(,2) = 6.4-6.9. Thr-298 affects the ionization (pK(a) approximately 6.5) responsible for modulation of k(cat). Fluorescence studies show altered dissociation constants of ligands to each enzyme complex upon Thr-298 mutations. The rates of the phosphoryl transfer and proton transfer steps in the pyruvate kinase-catalyzed reaction are altered; pyruvate enolization is affected to a greater extent. Proton inventory studies demonstrate solvent isotope effects on k(cat) and k(cat)/K(m)(,PEP). Fractionation factors are metal-dependent and significantly <1....Continue Reading


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