PMID: 44869Jan 1, 1979

The research of new antidepressants: present orientations (author's transl)

R R Fieve


A number of promising antidepressant compounds are presently either being developed in the laboratory or are being tested clinically by pharmaceutical firms and universities around the world. New compounds are sought which will provide: 1. fewer side effects, particularly anticholinergic and cardiovascular effects; 2. more rapid onset of action than 7-10 days required of most antidepressants now used; 3. efficacy in a higher percentage of patients than the 65-70 per cent estimated to respond to currently available antidepressant therapies. Compounds now being investigated include: new tricyclics which are unlike those commonly in use; the tetracyclics; the salts of naturally occurring cations such as lithium and rubidium; and various chemically unrelated new compounds. In addition, several drugs currently being tested as anorectics seem promising for future antidepressant drugs research.

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