Jul 2, 2020

The results of evaluating the degree of influence of human blood plasma on the strength of adhesion of composite material to dentin (one-component adhesive system)

L V IyashviliA V Vinnichenko


To study the dynamics of changes in the adhesion between the composite and dentin of the tooth when using different volumes of a single-component adhesive system in case of contamination of it with human blood plasma. To achieve this goal, the following were used: extracted human teeth, XP Bond one-component adhesive systems (DENTSPLY, Germany), Esthet X HD micrometric restoration material (DENTSPLY, Germany), and centrifuged blood plasma. The strength of the adhesive bond between the composite material and the hard tissues of the tooth was studied using a shear test machine Zwick Roell Z 010 («Zwick», Germany). The use of a single-component adhesive system in an amount of 17.7 mg (1 drop from a dispenser) for treating open dentin makes it more resistant to contamination compared to using the same adhesive, but in an amount of 6.6 mg (the amount of adhesive that adsorbs a medium-sized dental take). A decrease in the adhesion force between the composite material and tooth hard tissues from 1.5 to 17.7% occurs when a single-component adhesive system weighing 17.7 mg of blood plasma simulating a dentinal fluid weighing from 0.2 to 2.0 mg enters. The ingestion of the same amount of blood plasma in a single-component adhesive system...Continue Reading

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