PMID: 1361236Jan 1, 1992

The role of imidazoline receptors in blood pressure regulation

Pharmacology & Therapeutics
C A Hamilton


Using the ligands [3H] clonidine and [3H] idazoxan, nonadrenergic imidazoline preferring binding sites have been identified in a range of tissues from several species including man. These sites may represent a new family of receptors. An endogenous ligand and potential clonidine displacing substance has been identified. There is strong evidence for an involvement of the nonadrenergic imidazoline [3H] clonidine labelled sites in the nucleus reticularis lateralis in blood pressure regulation, and some evidence for a role in sodium regulation in the kidney for the [3H] idazoxan labelled sites. Some drugs which were previously thought to act via alpha 2-adrenoceptors, may mediate their effects in part via these imidazoline sites.


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