Apr 3, 2020

The scar constituent Collagen I triggers coordinated collective migration and invasion in a 3D spheroid model of early endometriotic lesions

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A. StejskalovaM. Götte


Endometriosis is a painful gynaecological condition characterized by ectopic growth of endometrial cells outside of the uterus. Little is known about the mechanisms by which endometrial fragments invade tissues. This is partially due to a lack of suitable experimental models. In this study, we show that a spheroid 3D model, but not single cells mimic the collective endometrial fragment-like invasion through the extracellular matrix. This model reveals that collagen I, the main constituent of surgical scars, significantly increases the rate of lesion formation by healthy endometrial stromal cells (St-T1b) in vitro compared to the basement membrane-like matrix Matrigel. Stromal cell invasion of collagen I requires MMPs, whereas collective migration of endometriotic epithelial 12Z cells involves Rac-signalling. We show that inhibiting ROCK signalling responsible for actomyosin contraction increases the lesion-size. Moreover, endometriotic epithelial 12Z cells, but not eutopic stromal cells St-T1b migrate on Matrigel. The rate of this migration is decreased by the microRNA miR-200b and increased by miR-145. Our 3D model offers a facile approach to dissect how endometrial fragments invade tissues and is an important step toward deve...Continue Reading

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