The Schultz-Dale reaction of the guinea-pig ileum: influence by beta-adrenoceptor agonists and theophylline

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G M Laekeman, A G Herman


One of the organs that can be used to study the Schultz-Dale reaction, is the guinea-pig ileum. The reaction is characterized by a specific pattern: a quick contraction, followed by a quick relaxation and a second, more slow contraction. A description is given of this typical reaction. Selective inhibition of the slow contraction could be obtained using beta-adrenoceptor agonists. Also theophylline inhibited the slow contraction, but this inhibition was only selective within a narrow range of concentration. These findings encourage further investigation about a possible involvement of cyclic nucleotides in the liberation of the mediators involved in the Schultz-Dale reaction of the guinea-pig ileum. Furthermore they provide more information about this preparation which could be used as a screening model for anti-allergic drugs of distinct pharmacological groups.


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