DOI: 10.1101/218800Nov 13, 2017Paper

The study of antibody responses to influenza neuraminidase using a lentiviral pseudotype based ELLA

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Fabrizio BiusoNigel J Temperton


Influenza pseudotypes represent an alternative to wild type virus for serological assays. To date, pseudotypes (PV) have predominantly been used as surrogates for wild type viruses in microneutralisation assays, where the surface glycoprotein of interest and a reporter gene (such as Luciferase) are used to assess if virus entry into target cells could be inhibited by serum antibodies. The influenza neuraminidase (NA) has the ability to bud and release new virions with or without the contribution of Haemagglutinin (HA). Influenza pseudotypes expressing NA alone, or with HA, were produced to evaluate the antibody response against NA using the enzyme-linked lectin assay (ELLA). The expression of an avian HA with human NAs has enabled the detection of specific antibody reponses against the human circulating subtypes of NA. Within this study a PV-based ELLA assay has been investigated with a pilot panel of sera prepared for an international CONSISE study. Preliminary results have confirmed that the assay is sensitive and could potentially represent a valid alternative to the classical ELLA assay, which requires the employment of reassortant viruses.

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