Jul 8, 2014

A Framework of All Discovered Immunological Pathways and Their Roles for Four Specific Types of Pathogens and Hypersensitivities

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Wanchung Hu


Tfh initiates four eradicable immunities. Tfh includes FDC, LTi, IL21 CD4 T cell, and IgG/M B cell. Treg initiates four tolerable immunities. Treg includes DCreg, ILCreg, TGFβ CD4 T cell, and IgA B cell. TH1/TH1-like is immunity for intracellular bacteria/protozoa and type 4 delayed type hypersensitivity. TH1 includes M1 macrophage, mDC2, Tc1 CD8 T cell, IFNg CD4 T cell, ILC1, iNKT1, and IgG3 B cell. TH1-like includes M2 macrophage, ILC1, suppressive CD8 T cell, IFNg/TGFβ CD4 T cell, regulatory iNKT cells, and IgA1 B cell. TH2/TH9 is immunity for helminths and type1 IgE mediated hypersensitivity. TH2 includes iEOS eosinophil, Langerhans cell, basophil/MCt mast cell, IL-4 CD4 T cell, ILC2, iNKT2, and IgE/IgG4 B cell. TH9 includes rEOS eosinophil, basophils/mast cell MCct, IL-9 CD4 T cell, ILC2, regulatory iNKT cells, and IgA2 B cell. TH22/TH17 is immunity for extracellular bacteria/fungi and type 3 immune complex hypersensitivity. TH22 includes N1 neutrophils, mDC1, IL-22 CD4 T cell, ILC3(NCR+), iNKT17, and IgG2 B cell. TH17 includes N2 neutrophils, IL-17 CD4 T cell, regulatory iNKT cells, ILC3(NCR-), and IgA2 B cell. THαβ/TH3 is immunity for viruses and type 2 antibody dependent cytotoxic hypersensitivity. THαβ includes NK1 nat...Continue Reading

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