PMID: 5919557Apr 1, 1966

The thalamic relay and cortical projection of group I muscle afferents from the forelimb of the cat

The Journal of Physiology
S A AnderssonD Wolsk


1. Stimulation of Group I muscle afferents in contralateral forelimb nerves evoked a response in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis (VPL) in the thalamus of the cat. This response was located in the rostral two-thirds of VPL in a narrow zone near the dorsomedial border of the nucleus.2. Group I afferents in nerves from more than one of the muscles in the contralateral forelimb often excited the same thalamic relay cell. In addition these cells were often discharged by skin afferents from the contralateral forelimb. They were not affected by electrical stimulation of the dorsal column-lemniscal or the spino-cervico-lemniscal paths from the contralateral hind limb.3. In experiments with peripheral conduction paths of similar length, the latency of the thalamic focal potential evoked by stimulation of Group I muscle afferents in the nerve to m. extensor carpi radialis was 3.8 S.E. +/- 0.1 msec, and that of the focal potential evoked by skin afferents (n. radialis superficialis) in the centromedial part of VPL was 4.3 +/- 0.1 msec.4. The majority of the thalamic neurones discharged by Group I muscle afferents responded with a latency shorter than 1 msec to electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex in the region of the post-cruc...Continue Reading

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